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Buy Local

Buying Local in San Mateo, CA Is Great!

Hudson Automotive has been a part of our San Mateo, CA community for many years. We take pride in serving and giving you with a simple, professional and hassle-free automotive experience.
Maintaining our local ties and independence is important to us. And it’s also beneficial to you.

Did you know that when you buy local….

  • You’re Supporting a Neighbor – We are your friends and your neighbors. We strive to be someone you can trust. 
  • You’re Money Stays in Your Local Economy – It doesn’t go off to some other city that doesn’t know or care about you or your community. It supports roads, schools, and critical services in San Mateo.
  • You’re Helping Your Community – the tax money generated can be used to provide a safe, clean and enjoyable place for you and your family. Reinvesting in the community is imperative for our future.
  • You’re Supporting Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship and small business is the backbone of our  country. When you support a local automotive shop you advocate entrepreneurship.