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Hudson Automotive knows Chrysler vehicles like the back of their hands. Our technicians have become experts in repairing Chrysler vehicles for over 50 years. We have seen it all and have become the greatest at testing and servicing your vehicle.

The most common issues we have seen across Chrysler’s are issues with a defective power window, coolant leaks, PCV malfunctions, or engine oil sludge. Don’t worry, if you have any other problems with your Chrysler, we can do it. Since Chrysler’s have been around since the 1920′s, we have learned the in’s-and-outs of Chrysler vehicles and are very confident we can help you with any issues you may have.

We understand your Chrysler is a part of the family and it deserves the best care in the hands of our technicians. We want you to walk away happy with the customer service and great repairs we provide. Set up an appointment with us today at Hudson Automotive in San Mateo so we can make you a happy and loyal customer.

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