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The Swedish car manufacturer Volvo is best known for producing cars that are the safest in the industry. Many of the award-winning manufacturer’s most innovative features are engineered to heighten automobile safety, with both accident-prevention and collision-safety measures included in the package.

The process of avoiding danger while driving doesn’t begin and end with air bags. Current Volvo models offer a wide array of attributes and systems that are designed to amplify that sense of security when driving your Volvo. The City Safety feature, to name one, helps you avoid low-speed collisions in city traffic by automatically braking slowly when a collision risk is present. This system was designed after research proved that many of the collisions that occur in active traffic take place when the car is moving at less than 20 mph.

Even with the many features Volvo includes to prevent collisions, however, there will come a time when yours will be in need of repair. When fixing a car with so many computerized and complex analytical safety systems, you’ll want to be sure that the safest parts and materials are used – the ones Volvo itself certified – and you’ll need to know that your mechanic has the added ‘safety feature’ of technical know-how.

Hudson Automotive in San Mateo is a safe bet for repairs to your Volvo. The facility’s ASE-certified mechanics have the expertise you need to ensure an accurate inspection, a fair labor estimate, and excellent results.