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At Hudson Automotive, we work on Volkswagen vehicles on a consistent basis and we’ve provided repairs to a slew of different Volkswagen vehicles. At our service center, you will be happy to know that all of our technicians are ASE certified and are highly trained when it comes to performing repairs on Volkswagen vehicles. We are so confident in our service that it is backed by a warranty that will cover the Volkswagen repair service we have provided you with, even when you pull out of our service center and get back on the open roads. It doesn’t matter whether you need your engine repaired or you just need your tires rotated, because here at Hudson Automotive, we’re eager to perform any type of Volkswagen repair or maintenance you are in need of. We are able to service any type of Volkswagen vehicle, including the following popular models:

  • Volkswagen Beetle
  • Volkswagen Tiguan
  • Volkswagen Touran
  • Volkswagen Up
  • Volkswagen Eos
  • Volkswagen Golf
  • Volkswagen Scirocco
  • Volkswagen Polo
  • Volkswagen Jetta
  • Volkswagen Passat
  • Volkswagen Phaeton

Volkswagen are not manufactured in the same way that other vehicles are manufactured. Believe it or not, these vehicles are quite a bit different versus your average vehicle. Therefore, it takes a certain skill-set in order to work on these types of vehicles and our mechanics have the proper knowledge and certification to deal with any issues that you may have with your Volkswagen.